how easy is it to apply

Ultra Glaco

Super-durable windshield coating that lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional invisible wipers. Durable for up to 1 year. Quick application, without getting your hands dirty!


Apply firmly on the whole windshield

Remember not to leave uncovered areas.


Wait until white residue appears

Wait until Glaco dries on the glass. This is evident by a white residue appearing on the windshield.


Wipe off firmly with a dry towel

Use a clean, dry and soft microfiber towel and don't forget to leave any residue

Glaco W Jet

Instant spray type is convenient for sudden rain, you can get excellent water repellent and clear visibility by this window coating agent. Cap has degassing system which can detachable so easy for separate disposal.


Spray Pressure is the essential.

Spray type requires workability. This product is equipped with double nozzle which can improve spray pressure.


Spray 3 seconds with operating wiper.

Create water repellent coating layer only 3 seconds by operating wiper in rainy day.


As soon as you spray, produce strong water repellent.

This combines new developed water repellent agent, starts repelling water from 60km/h when adhere onto glass surface.

Glaco Mirror
Coat Zero

Invisible nano sized fine processes produces super water repellency, water drops cannot stay on the mirror surface.


Spray evently entire mirror

Spray evenly without dripping liquid.


Wait until fogginess is disapeared.

The surface looks whiten and foggy just after spraying, it gradually become clear surface. When the fogginess disappear, coating is completed.


This transparent nano technology layer creates super water repellency.

There are uncountable small particle processes as 1/15000 size of human hair. Beware not to touch with coated area by finger or towel, otherwise the layer would peel off because very sensitive.